RSI Review Course

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


This course will review Rapid Sequence Intubation with a focus on the Alabama Expanded Scope of Practice. 


Alabama OEMST 4.0 CME 17-R1-0062, 18-R1-9300, 19-R1-9300, 20-R1-9300, 21-R1-9300, 22-R1-9300, 23-R1-9300, 24-R1-9300


Review and understand the anatomy of the airway.

Understand and discuss respiratory physiology that is specific to oxygenation.

Understand and discuss the medications commonly used in RSI.

Understand airway difficulty and be able to predict and overcome complications.

Show mastery of airway skills from basic procedures to advanced

Define, discuss, plan, and demonstrate effective alternative airway techniques

Review appropriate protocols that govern RSI specific to your practice.


Download Sample Sample.pdf ~ (302.22 kb)

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