Pediatric Review

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


A comprehensive review of Pediatrics for any level of EMS provider.


ADPH OEMST 0.75 CME 17-R1-0047, 18-R1-9300, 19-R1-9300, 20-R1-9300, 21-R1-9300, 22-R1-9300, 23-R1-9300, 24-R1-9300

Instructed by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP

This course was recorded LIVE via our Virtual Classroom, while most instructor - student interaction has been edited out some still remains.

Review growth and development
Airway obstructions
Respiratory emergencies
Common medical emergencies
Common trauma emergencies
Child abuse
EMS response to peds

Download Sample Pediatric Review Online.pdf ~ (295.84 kb)

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