Infectious Disease

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


Emerging infectious diseases have increased in the past 20 years and threaten to increase in the future.  How we handle these infected patients and respond to outbreaks can have devastating effects globally.  As EMSP we must better prepare ourselves and become more aware of how to properly handle cases from the simple flu  to contagious outbreaks.


1.0 CME ADPH/OEMST 17-R1-0048, 18-R1-9100, 19-R1-9100, 20-R1-9100, 21-R1-9100, 22-R1-9100, 23-R1-9100

  • Understand the prevalence of infectious and emerging diseases
  • Describe drug resistant infections
  • Assess the differences between sepsis and septic shock
  • State how the transmission of flu occurs
  • Compare an epidemic to a pandemic
  • Investigate the role of the EMS provider in disease reporting
  • Review Alabama specific flu response protocols

Download Sample Infectious Disease Online Sample.pdf ~ (952.91 kb)

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