Field Triage - Disasters / MCI

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


This course encompasses two types of Field Triage.  First you will discover Field Triage in a Mass Casualty Incident using the latest recommendations.  Second, you will review Field Triage Criteria to help determine transport destinations.


ADPH OEMST 1.0 CME All Levels.  17-R1-0027, 18-R1-9100, 19-R1-9100, 20-R1-9100, 21-R1-9100, 22-R1-9100, 23-R1-9100, 24-R1-9100

  • Define Triage
  • Learn and Demonstrate the S.A.L.T. method
  • Review the CDC Field Triage Criteria
  • Review State of Alabama Field Triage Guidelines

Download Sample SALT_Triage_Powerpoint Sample.pdf ~ (1.56 MB)

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