EMS Culture of Safety

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


"While the healthcare industry has formally adopted patient safety as its focus in the wake of reports identifying the avoidable harm caused by healthcare, "safety culture" incorporates all aspects of safety, both for the provider and patient. In our world, paramedics and EMTs are at high risk of injury or death; three times that of the average worker and 30 times the national average for vehicle incidents and higher than fire and police. So in order to take care of our own, we have to improve our safety culture." - Allison Bloom. Safety Culture in EMS. JEMS Sept 9, 2015


ADPH/OEMST 0.5 CME All Levels  17-R1-0431, 18-R1-9100, 19-R1-9100, 20-R1-9100, 21-R1-9100, 22-R1-9100, 23-R1-9100

Instructed by:  Shane Driver NRP, FP-C

  • Define Culture of Safety
  • Identify and explain the six core elements necessary to advance an EMS Culture of Safety
  • Identify the role of the EMS providers in establishing a culture of safety within EMS organizations

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