Capnography 2017

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


If you thought Capnography was only for tube verification then this is a course just for you.  In this module we will explore the multiple uses and advantages of Capnography as well as common mistakes made by the EMS provider.  

Instructed by:  Robert Murray Jr. NRP, MS - Sussex County EMS, Delaware


Alabama EMS 1.0 Advanced CEU Hours 18-R1-9100, 19-R1-9100, 20-R1-9100, 21-R1-9100, 22-R1-9100, 23-R1-9100

Capnography Overview

  • Physiology
  • Filterline sets
  • Oxygenation vs Ventilation
  • Understanding the waveform


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