Burns - A Pre-hospital Approach

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


Managing the burn patient in the field can be very challenging.  Understand the true extent of the injury can greatly affect the treatment plan put into place by the EMT.  Proper management of the burn patient in the pre-hospital setting greatly affects the patient morbitdiy.


Alabama OEMS 18-R1-9300, 19-R1-9300, 20-R1-9300, 21-R1-9300, 22-R1-9300, 23-R1-9300

1.5 Hours AEMT, NRP

1.25 Hours EMR, EMT

 Instructed by:  Shane Driver, NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP

  • Review the data
  • Summarize the types of burns
  • Discuss burn severity - depth / extent
  • Review general and specific injury management
  • Discuss complications common in the burn patient


Download Sample Burns Sample.pdf ~ (196.60 kb)

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