Alabama Stroke System Training

Organization: Emergency Services Education

Created by: Shane Driver NRP, FP-C, CCEMTP


Stroke is the number 5 cause of death in the USA.  In order for a Stroke patient to have the best possible outcome they must receive the proper prehospital care, rapid transportation to an appropriate Stroke Ready hospital, and proper interventions and/or transfer to a Primary Stroke Center if needed.  This can only happen when all aspects of the patients care function within a cohesive system of care.

This module does not meet the NCCR Stroke Requirement


Applicable to LCCR or ICCR

ADPH OEMST 1.0 CME 17-R1-0101, 18-R1-9200, 19-R1-9200, 20-R1-9200, 21-R1-9200, 22-R1-9200, 23-R1-9200

  • Understand the need for a Stroke System of Care and review the Stroke Protocol
  • Be aware of the Stroke System components
  • Understand the functions of the Stroke System Components
  • Understand the legal status of the Stroke System
  • Be able to apply the Primary / Secondary triage criteria
  • Be aware of problems / pitfalls of ATCC
  • Be aware of the QA CQI process

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